Some Facts Of Bot On A Server

Some Facts Of Bot

Due to the fact that in the dumps. io does not use the login account of the server of the game, you will use your ip address. Because of the sadness. io don’t require login, he has more complex allow you to discover a user account. Thereafter, the game server access to the database, they are successful, the location information of the user from your ip address in the database already have. The game server is using the one that found it and began to MOPE. io robot.

Some of the facts of grief. io robot in a server

When you plan to do this mobile device to ensure that any automatically locked the the presence of the mobile phone, the device has been off, in such a way you will never fall asleep. Make sure you leave a way to connect your battery cannot run.

  • Command dark. io bot the occurrence of entry by using the bar on the front before hitting{Enter}/{return}. Al you need is to enter the command time to play

    The command that you selected to use. However, you should be careful! Some of them you can be disqualified very easy. Use this with our game server sad. io robot is at your own risk.

    Some gloomy. io mode

    Dragon mode a dragon!! Be careful!! A good number of qualifications obtained.
    Food+mold food will make your xp to go up dramatically.
    The United Nations is in touch mode–you can’t kill/consumption.
    Shell mode shells will take a lot more xp!
    Turtle so that the turtle will take a lot more xp!
    Mushroom model mushroom to present you the way to add xp!
    Some of the patterns that happen to be safe and is unlikely to get you disqualified.

    The swimming, the Fast mode–you can swim(in the company of the water creatures)to 100% faster.
    The earth so Fast–you have to walk/run(in the company of creatures of the earth)to 100% faster.

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